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Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

  • Ozbilen, B. & Akar, G. (2023) “Designing pandemic resilient cities: Exploring the impacts of the built environment on infection risk perception and subjective well-being” Travel Behaviour and Society, 30, 105-117.

  • Ozbilen, B., Akar, G., White, K., Dabelko-Schoeny, H., & Cao, Q. (2022)  “Analysing the Travel Behaviour of Older Adults: What Are the Determinants of Sustainable Mobility?” Ageing and Society, 1-29.

  • Ozbilen, B., Slagle, K., & Akar, G. (2021). “Perceived risk of infection while traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic: Insights from Columbus, OH” Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives, 10, 100326.

  • Ozbilen, B., Wang, K., & Akar, G. (2021). “Revisiting the Impacts of Virtual Mobility on Travel Behavior: An Exploration of Daily Travel Time Expenditures” Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice,145, 49-62.

  • Dabelko-Schoeny, H., Maleku, A., Cao, Q., White, K., & Ozbilen, B. (2021). “"We want to go, but there are no options": Exploring barriers and facilitators of transportation among diverse older adults” Journal of Transport & Health, 20, 100994.

  • Wang, K. & Ozbilen, B. (2020). “Synergistic and threshold effects of telework and residential location choice on travel time allocation”. Sustainable Cities and Society, 63, 102468.

Book Reviews

  • Ozbilen, B. & Akar, G. (2020). Review of “Beyond Mobility: Planning Cities for People and Places”. Journal of Planning Education and Research, 40(3), 348-349.

  • Ozbilen, B. (2018). Review of “Order and Disorder: Urban Governance and the Making of Middle Eastern Cities”. Journal of Planning Literature, 33(2), 171-172.

Working Papers

  • Ozbilen, B. & Akar, G. “What factors affect e-scooter use and pro-e-scooter attitudes among travelers? Evidence from Columbus, Ohio”

  • Ozbilen, B. & Akar, G. “How to measure sustainable development through indicators? Identifying key sustainability indicators for the common ground”

  • Iogansen, X., Ozbilen, B., & Circella, G. “Exploring the distinctions and similarities between new mobility service and public transport users: Insights from the Los Angeles region”

  • Lecompte, M.C., Rossignol, L., Ozbilen, B., Loukaitou-Sideris, A., & Circella, G. “Lessons Learned from Abroad: Possible Impacts of High-Speed Rail Stations in California”

  • Jena, A., Kothawala, A., Ozbilen, B., Wang, K., Lee, Y., Saridakis, C., Wadud, Z., Yang, Y., Grant-Muller, S., Castellanos, S., & Circella, G. “Unraveling E-Scooter Rider Types in the United States: A Latent Class Cluster Analysis”

  • Kothawala, A., Haddad, A., Ozbilen, B., Bhat, C.R., Circella, G., Saridakis, C., Wadud, Z., Yang, Y., Grant-Muller, S., & Castellanos, S. “Investigating Objective and Subjective Factors Influencing the Adoption, Frequency, and Characteristics of E-Scooter Trips”

  • Yang, Y., Saridakis, C., Wadud, Z., Kothawala, A., Jena, A., Ozbilen, B., Circella, G., Castellanos, S., & Grant-Muller, S. “Understanding Factors Influencing User Retention in EU Shared E-scooter Schemes”

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