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Basar Ozbilen,PhD
Postdoctoral Researcher

3 Revolutions Future Mobility Program
Institute of Transportation Studies
University of California, Davis

I am a postdoctoral researcher in the 3 Revolutions Future Mobility (3RFM) program of the Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California, Davis. My research centers around travel behavior, sustainable development, emerging mobility, transportation equity, and public health. I continuously collaborate with scholars from various fields, such as Civil Engineering, Social Work, Geography, Construction Management, Environmental Science, and Psychology, on the associations between the built environment, transportation equity, the adoption of emerging mobility technologies, and physical/mental health.


Recent Publications

  • Ozbilen, B. & Akar, G. (2023) “Designing pandemic resilient cities: Exploring the impacts of the built environment on infection risk perception and subjective well-being”, Travel Behaviour and Society, 30, 105-117.

  • Ozbilen, B., Akar, G., White, K., Dabelko-Schoeny, H., & Cao, Q. (2022)  “Analysing the Travel Behaviour of Older Adults: What Are the Determinants of Sustainable Mobility?”Ageing and Society, 1-29. ​

  • Ozbilen, B., Slagle, K., & Akar, G. (2021). “Perceived risk of infection while traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic: Insights from Columbus, OH”. Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives, 10, 100326.

Media Appearances

4th place in the 2020-2021 Three Minute Thesis University-wide Competition, OSU

February 2021

2021 OSU Three Minute Thesis Competition Awardees - Basar Ozbilen
Videoyu Oynat
Image by Gemma Evans
Kentsel Trafik
Image by Karl Bewick
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